Text 18 Jun 26 notes With great power?

Being a metahuman with spider-powers is complicated.

Um. Yes, I know that goes without saying. But there’s parts that you would never even imagine until you have to live through them. And look, I’m not one to preach about social issues. I have enough issues of my own to pay attention to, though I do always lend a helping hand when I can. See, I learned the hard way that when you have something, you are responsible for it. The man who governs a city must be held accountable for the things that happen to its citizens. The man with the ability to save hundreds is compelled by his humanity to save them.

But morality isn’t … objective? It’s a hard concept to grasp. What is right for some is unjustifiable for others.

An example: A few weeks ago, I was keeping watch on the ledge of an apartment building. A woman a couple of stories down was out in the balcony, smoking and crying. Out comes her husband, a man whose hair seems to have run away to relax on his back. He screams at her, pushes her, hits her. Enraged, I slip down on a zip-line to defend her, but before I can let out a quip or even lift a finger to stop him, she turns on me whacks me in the face. She screams at me to stay outta her own business. And I kind of did. The next day I showed up out of costume, as my real self, to give her some information on help for women in abusive relationships. Same deal, she shouts and pushes and slams the door in my face.

About half an hour ago, I pass by the same apartment building. The police were in there, carrying her body out. Her husband had gone too far. What the hell was I supposed to have done? What can I do if I ever run into a situation like that?

Because I hate myself when I fail.

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    Oh, no, ma’am. I know for certain there is no coming back. I’ve known it since I started. It’s a weight I carry with me...
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    Words are capable of very little, but I trust you will find it to be true in time. Until then, I am always here should...
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